Reading and Teaching Homer's Odyssey

Leaders: Dr. Eva Brann and Dr. Hannah Hintze, Tutors, St. John's College

In this self-paced course, you will read through Homer’s Odyssey, guided and inspired by St. John’s College tutors Dr. Eva Brann (who has tutored at St. John’s for over 60 years and is the author of Homeric Moments) and her colleague Dr. Hannah Hintze. In addition to hearing from both Dr. Brann and Dr. Hintze on the Odyssey, you will also find four seminars (discussion-based class sessions) on the Odyssey, led by Hannah Hintze and featuring several St. John’s students and another tutor.

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This course is made available to the Academy for Classical Teachers through a generous partnership with Classical U, an online teacher-training platform that provides a clear path toward mastery for classical educators seeking to understand the classical tradition of education and teach with excellence.

Price: $125.00