Continuing Education Catalog

Great Hearts first and foremost educates children—that is our primary task. And the type of learner we strive to cultivate is essentially Socratic—the learner who, in awe of the cosmos and with a sense of passion and mission, strives continuously to know what is true, to know and practice what is good, and to love what is beautiful.

This kind of passionate, dynamic, continuously active Socratic learning can only be fostered by those who themselves practice it. The spirit of Socratic learning must permeate the entire organization and flow outwards from it. Thus, the Great Hearts mission is not only to educate children: we seek to educate our teachers and all our employees, the parents of the children entrusted to us, and the general public as well.

In this spirit, we are pleased to make several continuing education programs and courses available through this online catalog.

All Courses are FREE for Great Hearts employees: use voucher code ghemployee (case sensitive) at checkout.

Questions and Help

For all general inquiries, please contact Dr. Paul Weinhold, Director of Continuing Education (

APEX Program for School Leadership

Academy for Classical Teachers